Marriage Ceremonies


  1. A minister of any religious denomination authorized by the Circuit Court to celebrate the rites of matrimony may perform the ceremony. In addition, the court in each city and county has appointed persons who are eligible to perform civil marriage ceremonies.
  2. There is no statutory requirement that witnesses be present at the marriage ceremony.
  3. The minister or marriage commissioner officiating at the marriage must complete blocks 24-27 of the Marriage License in BLACK ink and forward the required forms to the Clerk of the Court who issued the license within 5 days after the ceremony is performed. The officiant may also prepare a certificate to be given to the newly married couple.
  4. Ministers from Virginia or other states must complete one of the petitions located under Minister and Marriage Celebrant Information prior to performing the marriage ceremony to satisfy legal requirements.
  5. If you are wanting a civil ceremony performed by an individual, they must complete the one-time Civil Ceremony Petition found under Minister and Marriage Celebrant Information.
  6. Complete the Social Security Administration Form SS-5 found on the Social Security website and either mail or take it to your nearest Social Security Office. Include a certified copy of your marriage license to have your name changed. You should receive your new card within four weeks. Your number will not change. For more information about changing your social security record, contact the Social Security Administration website.
  7. Take your driver's license, social security card and a certified copy of your marriage license to the Department of Motor Vehicles Office. For more information about correcting your DMV records, contact the Division of Motor Vehicles website.
  8. Information on changing your name on your passport can be found on the U.S. Department of State website.


The following commissioners have been appointed by this Court to celebrate the rites of marriage.