Good Neighbor Grant

Enhancing Communities & Neighborhoods

Matching grant awards up to $500 are available each fall to neighborhood associations or community groups. The purpose of this grant is to enhance the sense of community and sustainability of our neighborhoods through the development and accomplishment of an environmentally sustainable landscape beautification project.

The application deadline for submissions is Sept. 1 each year. Apply for the Good Neighbor Grant (PDF).

Previous Winners

  1. 2018
  2. 2017

Berkleys Green 2018Berkeley’s Green

The neighborhood volunteered to help replace shrubs with new colorful vegetation. The aim was to brighten up the monochromatic entrance to make it more attractive and inviting to pass by or come into.

Greensprings West 2018Greensprings West

The neighborhood volunteered to help repair the eroded area and prevent any future erosion. Their plan of action is to add topsoil and a ground cover called ajuga, which will be topped off with mulch to assist in preserving the integrity of this area. Volunteers will maintain and complete regular up keep on the area such as weeding and pruning.

Jamestown 1607 2018Jamestown 1607

Residents volunteered to offer assist planting trees and native plants. The desire is that it will enhance their neighborhood and make it more visually appealing to residents who live there as well as the people who drive by the neighborhood and see it.

Kingpoint 2018Kingspoint

The neighborhood has undertaken a multi-phase project on beautifying their front entrance. The grant went towards buying 100 daffodil bulbs to be planted around the new trees and to go towards mulching the newly planted area. This benefits the neighborhood because the residents and visitors enjoys the beautiful entrance and shows a sense of community by taking care of the area.

Liberty Crossing 2018Liberty Crossing

Volunteers from the neighborhood will get together to help renovate the front entrance and clubhouse entrance. By doing this the neighborhood is hoping it will increase the residents pride in their neighborhood as well as beautify and enhance both entrances and making them both more inviting.

Seasons Trace 2018Seasons Trace

Volunteers will help to remove invasive plants as well as clear the storm water drainage paths. Once the cleanup is done the volunteers will use plant control to help keep away the invasive plants and plant new vegetation that will help with erosion. By doing that it will improve the storm water drainage by not getting clogged up by the ground erosion.

Stonehouse Presbyterian Church 2018Stonehouse Presbyterian Church

Residents have volunteered to help improve the view along the main entrance to the Stonehouse neighborhood and visually enhance the church property. Volunteers will then plant colorful perennials and native plants.