Streetlight Program

  1. Repair or Replace a streetlight

Streetlights are maintained by Dominion Energy. If a light is out, call 888-667-3000 for repair/replacement or Report a Concern online.


  • Light size: 5,000 lumens
  • Distance between lights: 300-400 feet
  • Maximum number of lights in a subdivision shall not exceed 1 light per 3 lots
  • Each light shall be on the right-of-way of a public street
  • A light shall be placed at all intersections and in all cul-de-sacs.

Nonresidential light standards shall be established in the individual streetlight plans for these areas. Standards shall be coordinated with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Standards for Roadway Lighting (PDF). Each light shall be on the right-of-way of a public street.

Most streetlights in the County are installed by the developer during the development process. This policy is intended to apply to requests by citizens to have the County participate in streetlight installations in areas where they were not installed as described above or requests for additional streetlights in areas with existing streetlights.

Residential Requests

Streetlights in the new neighborhoods are required by the County and installed by the private developer. Subsequently, citizens may request additional streetlights, based on the following policy:

New Subdivisions

A petition shall be filed with any request for installation of streetlights. If the lights are not in a platted subdivision or if the light or lights are part of an addition of 3 lights or less to an existing streetlight system, whether in a subdivision or not, then the petition shall include the signature of the owner or resident of any dwelling which is located on a lot or parcel within 150 feet of the proposed location of each streetlight. If the request is for the installation of a streetlight system for an entire platted subdivision or an identifiable section of a subdivision with 10 or more lots, then the petition shall include the signatures of the owners or residents representing 60% of the subdivision or section of a subdivision to be served by the proposed streetlights.

Each light shall be on the right-of-way of a public road and will serve a minimum of 3 dwelling units or as necessary to illuminate an intersection of public roads.

A system of 3 lights can be installed based on the paragraph above; or an individual light will expand an existing system of 2 or more lights; or there is a significant public safety reason for installing less than 3 lights.

There are no installation charges which are not covered by annual rent payments or are not offered to be paid by those requesting the streetlights. When payments of installation charges are offered, they shall be paid to the County prior to the installation of the streetlights.

General Services shall administer this policy on behalf of the Board of Supervisors and shall have the authority to approve requests provided money is available in the budget for rental payments. If the request is not approved, written notice explaining the reasons for denial shall be sent by General Services to the person submitting the request with a copy to the Board of Supervisors. Appeal of the decision of General Services shall be to the Board of Supervisors.

Subdivisions with Existing Underground Utilities

In subdivisions with existing underground utilities or other areas where there are installation charges to be borne by the County, streetlights will be erected upon request of at least 60% of the residents of the subdivision or area to be served. Such request shall be made by written petition on a form supplied by General Services. After receipt of the petition, General Services shall:

  • Assess the street lighting needs of area including nearby areas which may logically and economically be included in a streetlight program.
  • Develop an overall street lighting plan in conjunction with Virginia Power and the Highway Department. The plan shall include the size and location of all streetlights and a budget for both installation cost and annual service charges.
  • The plan and budget shall be presented to the Board of Supervisors with copies of the petition and General Services assessment of the street lighting needs for the area. The Board may deny the request for streetlights or approve the request. If approved, General Services shall schedule the installation of the lights with Virginia Power.

Nonresidential Requests

Streetlights on the rights-of-way of public roads serving nonresidential uses will be erected based upon streetlight plans and budgets prepared by General Services as part of the Capital Improvements Program. Individual streetlights in commercial and industrial areas may be erected upon request based upon public safety concerns after review of those concerns (details below). Streetlights within new nonresidential developments shall be installed by the developer in accordance with the requirements of the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

Public Safety Requests

When a request of additional street lighting is made based upon public safety concerns, the Chief of Police shall:

  • Conduct an analysis of public safety problems in the area and whether such problems could reasonably be expected to be alleviated by additional street lighting.
  • Require that the area obtain a petition or statement from at least 60 percent of the residents or property owners in the area to be served requesting or supporting additional street lighting.
  • Develop an overall plan for the additional street lighting in conjunction with General Services and Dominion Energy Virginia and determine the cost of both installation and annual service charges.
  • Prepare a report and recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for approval along with copies of the petition and the costs involved.