Clean County Commission


  • The first Thursday of every month, 5:30-
    7:00 p.m.

Contact Us

If you would like information regarding environmental stewardship in James City County, or if you would like a Clean County Commission representative to speak at your school or event, contact the Commission through the Environmental Coordinator’s Office.


Established in 1979, the Clean County Commission is a coalition of local volunteers appointed by the Board of Supervisors. They are dedicated to promoting recycling, litter control, environmental education and beautification projects.

Recycling & Litter Prevention

Clean County Commission members promote a healthy, beautiful environment and are strong advocates for recycling and efficient waste management. Everyone is encouraged to recycle to conserve the finite natural resources of the Earth and protect the environment for future generations.

Keep James City County Beautiful

On May 1, 2017, the Clean County Commission formally became an Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful in order to directly support the mission of James City County by encouraging a partnership of all citizens to achieve a quality community. Keep James City County Beautiful (KJCCB) allows for further opportunities to network with local businesses, agencies and non-profit groups that are supportive of litter prevention, beautification and recycling efforts.

The Clean County Commission serves as the Executive Board of KJCCB, however all citizens are encouraged to volunteer and participate in a variety of programs. Current campaigns include:

  1. Volunteer recruitment
  2. Zero tolerance for litter policy and programs
  3. Recycling Improvements in schools and parks
  4. Roadside wildflower plantings and common area beautification


TU2CU Final Full ColorTeam Up 2 Clean Up

There is no such thing as a little litter and even a small amount can have a large impact. Team Up 2 Clean Up operates on the belief that it is everyone’s collective responsibility to contribute to litter prevention and offers many tips, tools and resources to make educating and organizing events easier. In addition, the program website offer provides current and previous projects in the region as potential models. gives advice that is “good to do” for all types of groups that want to get involved.