Curbside Recycling Program

What Are My Recycling Options?

  1. Free curbside recycling available to all County households through Sept. 30, 2019
    • Continue the convenient service of single-stream curbside recycling.
    • You can opt out at any time.
    • New residents should call 757-253-6700 to enroll in the program.
  2. Free separated recycling drop-off available at all 3 Recycling Convenience Centers
  3. Opt out of recycling
    • Call customer service at 757-253-6700.
    • Continue to reduce and reuse packaging waste as much as you can!
    • Leave the cart at the front of your property where it is visible and accessible.

Download our Curbside Recycling Fact Sheet (PDF)

  1. Acceptable Items
  2. Billing & Procedures
  3. Carts

Acceptable Items

  • Acceptable Items include plastic bottles and jugs, cardboard, mixed paper, metal cans, glass bottles and jars; All other items are considered contamination
  • The contamination items that create the biggest problems to the recycling stream are plastic bags, stretch wrap, pizza boxes, food waste, yard waste, diapers and long items that tangle such as rope, carpet, hoses, Christmas lights, and wire
  • If the cart contains items that are not included on the acceptable items list, the cart will not be serviced and continuous use of the recycling cart for trash items will result in the removal of the recycling cart

Curbside Recycling 101

Learn about why we recycle, what we recycle and how we recycle.

Request Recycling Services

Our curbside recycling program serves approximately 25,000 homes. If you live in the service area, a recycling cart and brochure will be delivered to your home upon request. Contact the Recycling Hotline at 757-253-6700 or via email to determine if curbside recycling is available in your area. 

Curbside collection is provided bi-weekly. View the weekly schedule calendar (PDF).